Steps to De-cluttering Your Home

under bed storageYou may have discovered that there is rarely enough space for all your stuff in your home.

The good news is that there are many ways to organize your home and get all that clutter under control. You just have to get a little creative with creating storage space.

Here are a few tips and tricks to finding a place for all of your things so that you can have enough space to breathe and not feel the cramped pressure of clutter.

Reduce Your Clutter

  • Closets were meant for ‘now’ items like linens, clothes, shoes and jackets. If you only use it once a year, it needs another home.
  • Under the bed and under the stairs are great places to stash stuff. Get the right sized containers so that nothing gets crammed anywhere.
  • Attics are actually pretty lousy storage space because you’re having to climb up a rickety ladder with arm loads of stuff to put it up there. It’s not climate controlled and if there are critters living anywhere in your house, the attic is the most likely spot. It’s a great place for Santa to hide presents, but other than that most attics are full of hassles for storing things.
  • In the kitchen you can de-clutter your cabinets by hanging your pots and pans, mounting a knife rack on the wall and hanging a fruit holder from the ceiling as well.
  • Renting a small storage unit is the best for seasonal items like holiday decorations and outdoor summer equipment or pool toys. Just rotate items in and out based on their use and enjoy the freed up space in your home.

There is no reason to live under the burden of clutter.

You and your family will feel better if you have everything under control and out of the way.

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  1. Kathleen says:

    Thanks you for sharing all the tips here..I want to do this also in our home..
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  2. I am happy to visit this website.This website has tons of good tips and information.Thanks for sharing steps to declutter home.
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  3. I place my unused clothes in attic and arrange my clothes in wardrobe according to the season.I like being organized in order to maintain my home neat and tidy,also to avoid mess in searching for my clothes as and when required.
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  4. Found this post interesting! I’ll be pinning this on pinterest today!

  5. Karen Edwards says:

    I’m glad I found this website! I found so many useful tips and learned a lot from them. My closet is a mess and I need more storage for my kitchen.
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  6. Lavonne says:

    You have a great de-cluttering steps. I will apply this at home. I always have problem on this part how to manage my clutter.
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  7. Dean Diaz says:

    Great tips here, it includes tips that are simple but I believe effective and would give positive result. For me, I like the part on how to de-clutter an attic of a house since sometimes it is discarded if not it serve as a storage area.

  8. Great decluttering tips! This is a great help for making our home look more organized and clean.
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  9. Using different types of storage can help you lessen the mess inside your room. But make sure that you store your stuff according to its use.

  10. So thankful for this blog. Want to show this really to my children who need advise regarding the de- cluttering home. This tips are so useful especially nowadays that people avail of a very small space for their homes. Aside from being too spacious it is nice to look at too. For sure lots of people are benefited from this post.
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  11. Thanks for sharing these tips – useful tips which are helpful to make home organized and worth staying home. I can make my stuffs as where it is should be and will find myself relaxed as i have less worries in mind. Thanks! I love this post!

  12. My house is such a mess, I mean, I guess de-clutting is quite easy however, what about the method? I mean how to start and where should I begin.
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  13. I hate cleaning my home but someone’s gotta do it 🙂 Thanks for the tip, made things a lot easier for me. My house is just just one cluttered mess.

  14. Really great tips to decluttering the home! Thank you!
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  15. Very Nice article. Though these are basic things that everyone is supposed to know and follow but its these that we so often miss or neglect and that’s what, i suppose, differentiates a good blogger from a great one! Thank you for this lovely piece of information.

  16. Shankar Mohar says:

    Really very nice tips and it has also made me realize about how I use to leave my place(dis-organized) while going office and how much work my mom has to do everyday after I left. It is very important to keep the place organized where you live, really very helpful for those who go away from their family to work.