Organize your spices with the Spice Stack

Spice StackThe Spice Stack is a wonderful way to organize your spices.

This has been a particularly frustrating clutter problem for me due to an extensive spice collection.

For years I’ve searched for the perfect solution without any luck, so I was thrilled to discover the Spice Stack.

3 Advantages of using the Spice Stack:

  • Not knocking over bottles while searching for one
  • Finding the needed spice with ease
  • Eliminating the purchase of duplicates

The Spice Stack holds 27 regular jars in three easy-to-pull-out drawers. I wasn’t concerned that the large, bulk-sized versions don’t fit since I only have a couple of them.

spice collectionA sheet of pre-printed labels for commonly-used spices, as well as a sheet of blank labels, is included. Assembly is nothing more than adding your labels and spices.

You can place your spices in the drawers alphabetically or according to their use. I opted for organizing them alphabetically because I have so many. That is when I realized there were many duplicates simply because I didn’t know what I had.

The Spice Stack is made to fit in a cabinet, but I’m using it in the pantry. If you need more than one, they stack nicely.

I like how the drawers smoothly slide out and can then be lowered at an angle so you can get to them easily and they won’t fall out. The following video shows how easily they slide:

Another spicy tip

Write the month/year you purchased your spices on the bottom of the jar so you know when to replace them. They tend to lose their flavor over time.

Due to the number of jars I have, I’m ordering a second Spice Stack.

Disclosure: I received this from without cost. The opinions, video and pictures are all my own.

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  1. Nice spice stack! Maybe I’ll ask for this one from my cousin who lives abroad. She loves to cook, and if she has this one already, I’ll ask if she can get me one for the upcoming holidays, LOL! Thanks for sharing, Melinda!
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  2. Melinda, I LOVE my spice stack! I got it in 2007 when I remodeled my kitchen. I remember researching all the possibilities and deciding this was the ultimate way to organize spices. After 3 1/2 years of daily use, I can say it IS the ultimate spice rack! I will NEVER use any other kind. I didn’t use the labels, though. I just have one drawer for the “sweet” spices and two for the savory and have things in alphabetical order. And mine are all doubled up since I’m a maniac about them being fresh and so buy only small jars. Being a recipe developer, food writer and blogger, I need to be organized in my kitchen.

    • I just got my second one and labeled it. I feel so professional now. I hope it will inspire some meals more complicated than spaghetti. ha ha

  3. Alright, you have me curious: what spices are you using most?
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  4. Hi, I love the look of these spice racks. I’ll take a look at the website where you can buy them. Need to know size and cost. Thanks for pointing this out.
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