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Custom cookbook

“Try-It” Recipe Cookbook

Got a stack of “someday I will try this” recipes from magazines, online, and friends? Here is how you are going to get them organized and start trying them out. Use a 3-ring binder and fill it with clear sheet protectors. Using a pack of wide tabs (the extended width kind for use with sheet protectors), label your tabs with categories like a cookbook (Meats, Side Dishes, Desserts, Breads, etc.). Place the recipes in the sheet protectors. Bonus - this ...
storing memories in a memory box

Create Memory Boxes For All Your Keepsakes

Ever wanted to find a keepsake, like that award winning essay your child wrote in 5th grade that you kept? Know where to find it? You will once you organize all your keepsakes in one location. Creating memory boxes You will need: 1 small plastic storage bin for each member of the household. I prefer a memory box that is plastic so it is waterproof. Personally I use Rubbermaid's small tubs so it doesn’t get too heavy but is big ...
Implementing a filing system at home

Implement a Filing System

Getting started with the right supplies: Having the appropriate supplies will make the task of getting organized simple. You will need: 1 file cabinet or 2 file boxes 2 boxes of hanging file folders. You may find you need more, depending on how many categories you have. Colored files and folders are more expensive; however, you can make it easier to find the files by assigning types of files a specific color. That is up to you. I went years ...
swiffer sweeper

Turn Your Swiffer Sweeper into a Wet Mop With Socks

There seems to be no limit to what you can do with old socks. My good friend Karen came up with a way to use them with the Swiffer. As a pet owner, I love the Swiffer for keeping the hard floors clean. If you aren't aware, you can also use it as a wet mop. A greener option to the wet pads is using socks. Take 2 worn out white socks and turn them inside-out. Run them under hot ...

5 Ways Disorganized Paperwork is Costing You Money and Time

Trying to hunt down a document you need in a sea of unorganized piles of paper is a frustrating experience. Whether it is the power bill that is due today, five years of mortgage statements for a refinance, or just the warranty for your lawn mower that broke, disorganization can lead to more than stress. It's costing you real money and time because you may be: Replacing your appliances and electronics that are still under warranty because the booklet/receipt is ...
kitchen tips

5 Handy Tricks in the Kitchen

Measuring Messy Ingredients One of my favorite kitchen tools, an adjustable measuring cup, makes accurately adding sticky ingredients such as honey, mayo, peanut butter, and sour cream a breeze. Simply slide the 2 pieces apart to adjust it to the measurement you want and fill. Hold over the bowl and push to release the contents. A swipe of a spatula to finish and no more scraping to get the contents out. The two pieces separate for quick cleaning. Getting tomato ...